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Thank you for choosing the Christian Games! Now! We have different types of games available, for all ages. We have divided the different types into the following categories: Action, Adventure, Casual, and Educational. Action games are targeted more toward teens and adults, and are very energetic games. Adventure games are targeted toward teens and adults, and are less energetic but require some heavy thinking. Casual games are suitable for school-age children to adults, and include the classic puzzle and card types. Educational games are primarily aimed at children, but some games are suitable for adults as well. For more help with selecting items for someone, please visit our Help & FAQ page.

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Customer Feedback

"Thank you for providing the product I wanted at a great price and for not making me pay expensive Shipping & Handling!"
- Cynthia in Virginia

"Thanks very much for the fast service."
- Sara

"The order was fast, the games were great, and I'll be in touch again. Thanks again."
- Brian

"The package of games arrived yesterday and you should have seen my son's face light up! I have to be a mean mom now and not let him play on the computer till he finishes his schoolwork."
- Aleta

"I really appreciate your wonderful customer service--a rarity these days. You will receive more business from us."
- Gina from Nebraska

"Keep up the good work. The Growing Seed lesson (in Interactive Parables Game) helped me realize that God grows His kingdom, not us."
- David from Canada

Specials of the month!

Adventures in Odyssey and the Treasure of the Incas$19.00Unravel the mysterious accusations against Eugene Meltsner's parents as you play the role of Whit, Connie and Eugene. Investigate clues and discover important facts, eventually leading you to the South American jungle to solve the mystery. This interactive computer game encourages family values by rewarding virtues like faith and trust. Developed by Digital Praise and Focus on the Family.
Heaven Bound$15.00Based on the popular story of Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan. This first person perspective adventure will challenge you on your journey. Note - you do have to perform some combat and it helps to power up by reviewing the Bible questions in the game. Click on more info button if you are stuck. Developed by Emerald Studios.
LarryBoy and the Bad Apple$20.00Something's rotten in Bumblyburg, and it's up to Larry-Boy---and your young gamers---to weed it out! Explore five levels of play with our crime-fighting cuke as he battles the spider-legged she-villain Bad Apple * Collect notes to unlock 30 VeggieTales Silly Songs * Avoid sticky temptations like the chocolate river * Play entertaining mini-games * And more! * Ages 6 to 9 * (Rated E)
Light Rangers: Mending the Maniac Madness$19.00Angeltown is under attack! Maniac Brainiac and his band of menacing minions are out to control the minds of the children. Join the Light Rangers - Amos, Angel and A.J. - in this fast paced arcade-style adventure, as they protect Angeltown from the sinister machinations of Maniac Brainiac and his group of evil villains by using a keen wit, quick reflexes and a good understanding of the Bible. Be strong! Have courage! Never fear! System Requirements: For Microsoft: Windows 98 or better; For Apple: Mac OS X 10.4.1 or later. Developed by Brethren Entertainment.
Ominous Horizons$19.00A first person adventure that has you battling the forces of evil to recover Gutenberg's original Bible that has been spread all over the world. System Requirements: 64MB RAM, Windows 95/98/00/ME. Rated more for teens. Developed by N'Lightning Software.

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